Monday, April 8, 2013

Just for Fun: 50th Birthday Video

OK, this might be the end of my credibility right here. BUT...

Almost six months ago my son David and his wife Lauren made a video about me for my 50th birthday.  Some folks who have seen it suggested that I post it here for everyone to enjoy. So here it is. 

But before you watch -- the video has a few inside jokes that might need explaining:
  • I like to tell jokes. OK, if you know me at all you know that. But for some reason, I always crack up every time I try to tell the muffin joke. 
  • I met Lorie at an interview for a mission trip that involved college students from various universities. You'll see my initial impression of her.
  • The night I proposed to Lorie I did not have a good plan. I tried to put the ring in my pants pocket so I could give it to her at the restaurant, but it didn't fit. So I ended up hiding it in a sock before dinner, and then taking her back to my apartment after dinner to try and propose there. Then... well, you'll see.
  • When the kids were in school, Lorie used to coordinate a mind-numbingly complicated schedule of carpools and pick-ups.
  • Once on a beach trip a black swan who was nesting chased me around and almost killed me. I yelled out for my friend Tim. When he didn't appear in a timely manner, I added his last name, Roberts.
  • A pie safe is a piece of antique furniture. In the old days they would put freshly baked pies in the pie safe to protect them from bugs and rats, etc. One day Lorie bought an antique pie safe, and I spent the rest of the day teasing her about it. Then that night, just as we were about to fall asleep, she said something that cracked me up. That scene may not be funny to anyone else, but it cracks me up because Lorie is usually so serious and rarely makes jokes.
For the record, I have never told some of the jokes David tells in this video. How to tell which ones are which? If it's good, I told it. If it's bad, David got it off the internet.

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