Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just for Fun: Special Pictures

Lorie's Birthday

This past Sunday, we celebrated Lorie's birthday with Lorie's mom Marty, our son David and his wife Lauren, and our daughter Mary. We went to one of those Japanese restaurants where the chef cooks at your table and does tricks with the cooking implements and acts crazy. This guy did something I'd never experienced before: He threw chunks of chicken at us for us to catch in our mouths! (Only David succeeded.)

Our waitress that evening was a good photographer:

A Child's Tribute

A while ago, children in our children's ministry were asked to draw a picture of something they like about Covenant Community Church. One of the kids--I don't know who--drew a picture that hangs in my office, right where I can see it everyday:

I love that this child gets the importance we place on relational service. And it's so good to know that somebody thinks I'm funny!


  1. Claude - thank you for sharing the photo from Lorie's birthday. You have a beautiful family. I also love the picture that one of the children made. And by the way... I thing you are very funny!
    Lisa Hoblitt

  2. Thank you, Lisa! And I think you are a wonderful, positive person!