Thursday, September 26, 2013

OMTL Day 26: "Collisions"

Trust in the Lord and do good; 
   dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.
Take delight in the Lord,
    and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Commit your way to the Lord;
    trust in him and he will do this.

      --Psalm 37:3-5

Do you have collision insurance? You know, car insurance that pays for damage to your own car in a crash?

Before this summer, I wasn't sure if I did or not. Lorie is the person in our house who handles that stuff. I knew we had insurance, 'cause I have an insurance card, but I wasn't sure if we had collision or not.

Here's how I discovered the answer to that question.

One day in August, I was driving Lorie's car. A 2001 Honda Oddysey. A great big honkin' Mommy-Van. I was driving into the garage. Just as I was pulling in, I looked out the driver's side window at something lying in the driveway, and...BAM! I hit the passenger's side fender on the side of the garage!

I made a humongous dent in the side of Lorie's car (The side of the garage was fine.Thanks for asking. Oh, and I was fine too -- until Lorie got home.) I took it to the body shop and discovered that I did $800 worth of damage. (OK, I was definitely not fine at that point!) This was going to be expensive. 

And that's when I found out that yes, we have collision insurance! 

You know the thing about the side of the garage--it wasn't moving. It is a fixed object. It was me that was moving, and I was out of alignment. The collision happened because I was not in line with the garage. 

Collisions happen in our lives when we are not in line with the will of God. 

Sometimes it's a collision of values. We don't care deeply enough about the things God says are important. 

Sometimes it's a collision of wills. God wants us to go one way, but we want to go another. 

Today's Scripture points to three ways to stay lined up with God's will: 

  • Trust - "Trust in the Lord" -- When I get on an airline, I trust the pilot to fly the plane. I figure he knows more about operating an airplane, choosing a flight path, and responding to weather patterns than I do. He knows best, so I just sit back and trust him. When we trust God like this--when we really believe that he knows best--then we'll want to let Him "fly the plane." 
  • Delight - "Take delight in the Lord" -- The word "delight" means "enjoy." The more we delight in God -- the more we enjoy His presence (through worship, prayer, and spending time in the Word) -- the more we will find ourselves wanting what He wants. The "desires of our hearts" will line up with the desires of God. 
  • Commit -- "Commit your way to the Lord" -- This is where the rubber hits the road. You discern God's will, and then you do it. Sometimes it doesn't feel good at first. That's our human nature. But here's the thing: If you've been learning to trust, and you've been delighting in God's presence, then commitment isn't such a huge leap
I got Lorie's van fixed, and I think she's just about to the point where she will speak to me again (just kidding). If she ever lets me drive her vehicle again, I will try to make sure as I pull into the garage that I am in the center of the door. 

And as I go through life, I will try to make sure that I am in the center of God's will.

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