Saturday, September 28, 2013

OMTL Day 28: "Footprint"

And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.
        --2 Timothy 2:2

Did you see the movie "Evan Almighty" starring Steve Carrell and Morgan Freeman? It was fun to watch, but it didn't receive rave reviews.  What was notable about that film, however, is that it was the first major Hollywood film that claimed to leave zero carbon footprint. 

The producers of "Evan Almighty" used all the green technology they could to reduce the amount of carbon emissions they released into the atmosphere. They bought 400 bicycles for the crew to ride to work. Every script was printed on 2 sides of the paper. Every cup and plate was made of recycled material. All the wood for the massive ark that was built for the movie was donated to Habitat for Humanity to be used to build houses for the needy. 

After reducing all the carbon emissions they could, they then calculated the carbon they still emitted and offset it by planting trees. Crew members were required to plant over 2,050 trees to offset the movie's carbon footprint. (Another 15,000 trees were donated through the movie's website.)

In these days of environmentalism, we're trying to reduce our carbon footprint. That's a good thing. 

But as we move towards the end of "One Month to Live," we want to figure out how to increase our spiritual footprint. We want to leave a lasting impression that makes a difference long after we're gone. 

So how do you increase your spiritual footprint? By pouring your life into people. Relationships. You've heard this over and over throughout One Month to Live. Relationships are what life is about. People are where you should invest your time and energy. 

You make an impact on the world by making an impact on people. 

Kerry Shook writes: 
Think of someone you love who has passed away. How would you describe his or her spiritual legacy? What would you like to emulate about this person's legacy of character? (OMTL, p. 214)
And I would invite you to consider this: When you have passed away, how will the people who love you describe your spiritual legacy? What will they emulate about you (for good or ill)? 

Who are you pouring yourself into? For whom are you making a lasting difference by spending time with them, sharing your life with them, lovingly guiding them? 

If you have a family, that's where you should start. If you don't have a family, then a good place for you to start might be in the children's or youth ministries of Covenant Community Church. Or maybe in a mentoring program like Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Or your nearest public school. Call the guidance office and ask if they could use a volunteer tutor. 

In tomorrow's sermon, I'll be talking about the Apostle Paul. Today's Scripture comes from a letter he wrote to his young friend Timothy. Paul left behind a HUGE spiritual footprint, and one of the ways he did that was by pouring himself into this young leader. Notice in the Scripture how the legacy is passed on. Paul teaches Timothy. Timothy teaches others. Those people teach others. 

And the legacy continues. 

What could you do to increase your spiritual footprint by investing in relationships? 

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