Sunday, September 29, 2013

OMTL Day 29: "Game Over"

A wise person thinks a lot about death,
    while a fool thinks only about having a good time.
       --Ecclesiastes 7:4, New Living Translation

What? A wise person thinks a lot about death? What kind of wisdom is that? 

Today's Scripture was written by King Solomon. Even though he made some HUGE mistakes at the end of his life (a good lesson for us all), in his best days he was considered the wisest person who ever lived. And Solomon says that wise people think seriously--and often--about the end of their days. 

Sort of like Psalm 90:12, the Scripture we started with on Day 1 of this challenge: 
Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. 
I rarely play video games, but when I do, there are two words that I see a lot: GAME OVER. When I'm playing against one of my kids, they don't see those words nearly as much as I do. Because they're good. They keep racking up points and earning extra turns or reaching the next level or whatever. But me--a minute or two into the game and I've lost all my lives or used up all my magic arrows, and my little man on the screen keels over dead and those big ugly words appear: GAME OVER.

That's fine for video games. I either start another game, or (more likely) put the controller down and find something else to do. 

But what about when the game of life is over. Then what? 

Thinking about the end of life is important because it impacts what you do now. When that day comes, you want to be ready to face it. For one thing, you want to know that you're leaving behind a positive legacy. That you've invested your one-and-only life in things that are worthwhile and lasting. 

For another thing, you want to be prepared to "meet your maker," as they say. You want to be prepared for what lies ahead. 

All week long we've been talking about leaving a legacy. If you've missed the blog posts from this week, let me encourage you to scroll down to Monday's post and check them out. 

On the other thing--preparing for what lies ahead--if you're not sure where you're going when your life is over, please CLICK HERE. 

Do what Solomon says. Think about the end of your days. Ask yourself, "What will I be leaving behind? And what will lie ahead?" Then spend some time thinking and praying about what you need to do to have POSITIVE answers to those questions. Again-if you're not sure about the second one, CLICK HERE. Or give me a call, and let's talk. 

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