Monday, November 11, 2013

Putting it into Practice

Last week we completed the courses on Doctrine and Preaching. Now, with the four days we have left, we're focusing on practice and planning. Today I divided the pastors into two groups. I appointed a leader of each group. One group stayed at the church where classes have been held; the other group went back to the guest house where the pastors have been staying.
In each group,pastors presented the 10-minute sermon which was their homework assignment for the weekend. As one pastor presented, others evaluated different aspects of the sermon: introduction, conclusion, outline, and illustrations; and the "Big Idea" of the sermon--was it clear? Was it well-stated? Did the entire sermon support and get across the Big Idea?
After lunch Eric led a planning session. He and the pastors discussed challenges facing their congregations. They chose one of these to tackle: people who have NO income. Eric used the "problem tree" method to help the pastors identify root causes of the problem. Then he and the pastors identified Scripture texts that pastors could use to address these root causes and tackle the problem of no income. Tomorrow the pastors will work together in groups of 4 to lay the groundwork for sermons based on these texts.
I didn't do a lot of teaching today. And yet it was a very satisfying day. Teaching is great. Watching your students put it into practice is even better.

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