Monday, June 30, 2014

Throwback MONDAY ('Cause I'll be MOVING Thursday)

I will not have time to do this on Thursday, so here it is today.

In honor of our move this week to our new house in Kernersville--some pictures from our first house in Charlotte. 

It was built twenty-four years ago.

Lorie and I were still in our 20s, and David was 9 months old. I had just been appointed to the "Southwest Mecklenburg Mission" -- what would later become Good Shepherd United Methodist Church. 

The house was a "starter" home, in one of the new subdivisions that were rapidly springing up in that section of Mecklenburg County. It was on Indian Hills Lane. Don't know where that name came from. The whole neighborhood was flat as a pancake, and I never saw any Indians. 

Lorie and I chose the style of the house from a selection of three or four pre-planned designs. Then we got to watch it go up. Almost every day we drove out from our apartment in the city to see the progress. 

We lived in that house for ten years. Lots of memories. 

Every now and then I look at the house on Google Earth. It blows my mind to see the trees in the yard. When I planted them they were tiny little things. Now they almost hide the house. I imagine the people who live there are now enjoying the  the shade from the trees I planted long ago.

There's a spiritual lesson in there somewhere. 

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