Sunday, May 8, 2016

Celebration Sunday: Stories of Life Change

These "snippets" of notes and testimonies were shared last week as part of our Celebration Sunday. 

I would like to thank each one who participated in sending Christmas cards to shut-ins. I think I have enjoyed this gift from my fellow church members as much as anything else in my life.
               -Thurman and Ruth Hinson
Thank you for the wonderful prayer shawl given to my wife Melody. I can’t tell you what a comfort it has been to her as she undergoes treatments.
-Jack Johnston
WOW! 50 units of blood were collected at the Blood Drive, and our goal was only 39 units!
-Eloise Anderson and Libby Bond
I am very grateful for your cards, flowers, food, calls and visits during my hospitalization and recovery. To say that our church family is a caring congregation is an understatement.
               -Henrietta Barrett
We had made two trips to Florida in two weeks—one to see mother, and one for her funeral.  It meant so much to us for you to share your love through a meal.
               -A Bereavement Meal recipient
Thank you so much for Gavin's prayer shawl.  He’s been sleeping with it at night.  Your prayers will keep him strong.
-The Hills

We had a member facing hardship who had received an eviction notice.  We were able to bring her rent up to date and keep her in her home.
               -A UMW Circle
My daughter was leaving for college. My husband’s dad was declining rapidly. My life was chaotic. But Tim and I found that, rather than adding to our stress, Disciple Bible Study helped us through it.
               -Sandra Hemphill
Disciple Bible Study is habit forming. During my Disciple studies, I learned to read the Bible not just to understand the words, but to live in those words.
-Chadwick Stamper
Seventy plus years ago we were called to serve and protect our great country; we proudly answered the call.  Seventy years later God has called the "Never Forget Ministry" to encourage us. Your gifts of cards, banquets, concerts, and more give us something to look forward to.  Your love makes us walk a little taller in our senior years.
-Harold & Faye Redding
The goal of children’s ministry is to help children learn about God and put their faith in action. We have around 175 children involved across all events, with 40% of them being guests and visitors.
               -The Children’s Council
Sometimes we have said that our youth choir is not about singing, but about fellowship.  We do outreach in the community, and mission projects on our trips to the beach. We build each other up in Christian love. Oh, and we sing too!
               -The Alpha and Omega Youth Choir
Our music ministries include 15 different groups. Our mission is to facilitate worship that both honors God and builds up the church so that the church can go out into the world and share the good news.
               -Main Street music ministries
At the awards ceremony at Piney Grove, every one of the Main Street Preschool kids got their reading and math award.  Also, several received a good citizenship award.  This preschool is not only turning out children with strong academics but also teaching them to be good people.
-The Sammons family
Last year we had a preschool family that suddenly became homeless. When we learned of the situation, we bought the children clothing and immediate supplies.  The mom is now happy in her new home and was extremely thankful for a preschool that was able to help them.
-JoAnn Clifton, Preschool Director

The incredible people at Bethany Café get there bright and early to prepare a special meal. They offer a three-course meal served in stages so that we all receive royal treatment. This program has changed our lives and the lives of many in our community.
-The Lorenz Family
As one who helps prepare and serve the food, nothing touches your heart more than to know you are feeding people physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
               - A Bethany Café Volunteer
We’ve had many classes where we were brought to tears by sharing stories of serving the least, the last and the lost.  The most wonderful gift we‘ve received is knowing that God's love became real and life-changing to others.
-The Seafarers Sunday School Class
The giant Advent wreath on your church property helped to beautify our town. Thank you.
-Kernersville Community Appearance Commission
We had one individual who really did not want to deal with multiple sclerosis, but was dragged to our support group.  After some time, this person decided to ride with our “Bike MS” team.   Last year this individual trained hard and rode 35 miles.  Our group helped this person understand that you can live a full life despite living with MS.   
               -Multiple Sclerosis Support Group
If our group had to rent a rehearsal space, we probably would not be able to exist.
               -Heart of the Triad Chorus
We are so grateful to Main Street for making it possible for Lidia's children to have school clothes.  They simply would not have had the required school uniforms without your help. Your generous gift also allowed each child to get casual clothes and shoes.
- Vickie Sigmon, Open Arms Community, Winston-Salem
Each winter New Story Church opens its doors to the homeless of Winston-Salem. And every Wednesday, Main Street brings an amazing meal to feed our hungry guests. But it doesn’t stop there, because your folks stay around to serve the meal with grace and kindness.   
-Pastor Steve Smith, New Story Church
Rick was living on the streets of East Winston.  He had a drug problem.  His family had little to do with him. Rick began coming to feedings at Rupert Bell Park, and he started asking questions about Jesus. Rick discovered he had cancer while living on the streets. We prayed that Rick would get off the streets.  He is now in his own apartment.  He has gained weight and looks good. Now Rick comes to church every chance he gets and he calls me his pastor. 
               -Carol Fulton, Children of Zion Ministries
 Main Street is changing the lives of prisoners through Kairos Prison Ministry. The prayer strips, the monetary support, and yes, the cookies. They call us the Kernersville Crowd, and many times they have told us that if it wasn’t for your support, this ministry would have ceased to function long ago.
               -Don Stutts
 You guys have done big work in Egbe, Nigeria over the past year, touching many, many lives. Egbe Hospital aims to care for every patient with the compassion of Jesus Christ.  People walk for as long as three days to reach the hospital, making this place the center of one of the largest evangelistic movements in western Africa! Thank you for allowing us to be here, sharing in this with you.
               -Nick and Katie Riddle
 We are seeing lives changed through Bible teaching in the Ukraine and central Asia. Last weekend we ran a two day camp for children from refugee families. They played games, had plenty of food, and heard the gospel.          
               -Esther Mueller
 Redeemed Girl Ministries has traveled across the country to eight college campuses. We’ve seen 518 young women commit their lives to Christ! I wish each of you could have been there to hear the stories of changed lives on each campus.
               -Emily Wilburn
We received this note from a woman who listens to Trans World Radio: “Through your radio programs, I have learned to praise God in every situation, and to be a person with firm faith. May God bless you all at Trans World Radio!“
               -Grant and Jenna Hodgins
After serving 9 years in the Domincan Republic, God began a new church and I became the founding pastor.  Now we have four services a week.
-Connie DeLeo
We are on a team of 4 missionary families working among an unreached people group in Mozambique. When our teammates first came to this area there were no Christian believers. Today we are hosting Bible studies and seeing lives changed through Christ.
               -Daryl and Leah Burnette
And there you have just a few of the ways that God is changing lives through you. And this is just a taste. I’m sure that for every story we read there are at least 5 others that could be told.

Not to us, Lord, not to us
But to your name be the glory! 
       Psalm 115:1

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