Monday, April 9, 2018

Video from Tanzania--November, 2013

Yesterday in worship I talked about the wonderful experience I had teaching United Methodist local pastors in Tanzania. We showed portions of this video that I made when I came back. If you've got 15 minutes, check it out. You'll meet Eric and Liz Soard, the amazing missionaries I worked with in 2013--and will work with again later this year. You'll ride with Eric and me through the town of Tarime, and you'll see the countryside surrounding it. You'll see pictures of my "students" (really, I learned more from them than them from me). You'll see an interview with a pastor who started a church under a tree. 

And you'll hear music from "The Lion King." Did you know that the African language you hear in those songs is Swahili (the language most people speak in Tanzania)? "Simba" means lion, "Rafiki" means friend, "Pumbaa" means foolish ... one of the many interesting things you learn when you go overseas!

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