Thursday, May 31, 2012

2 Great Examples of BEING the Church

Let me tell you a little more about the couple I married on Saturday ...

David (my son) and Lauren (my daughter-in-law) are great examples of two young adults who strive to BE THE CHURCH EVERYDAY. The love of Jesus flows through them. They make everybody who comes into their space feel comfortable and loved. They're a very romantic couple--but the way they give and sacrifice and do for each other demonstrates that their love is more than romance--it's agape, the Greek word for self-giving, sacrificial love that is used in the New Testament to describe the love of God.

When they were in high school, Lauren and David helped start a student-led group called "Teens with a Purpose" that mobilized youth to serve the community. They worked with John Adair, our youth director at the time, to organize a dance to raise money for "Baby Sawyer," to help with his medical bills. They personally contacted over 900 fellow Reynolds students through "My Space" (whatever happened to that?) and 300 of those ended up coming.

In college, David and Lauren have been very active in Love Chapel Hill, a wildly missional church that meets in a movie theater downtown and has no plans to ever dilute their mission by constructing a church building. David has lived out a passion for the homeless, both through personal relationships with homeless people, and through leading a student organization called HOPE (Homeless Outreach and Poverty Eradication). And Lauren's been right by his side. One cold night a friend of theirs came across a homeless man named Steve who was out on the street who looked like he might die from pneumonia. He called David and Lauren, and they came quickly. While Lauren started applying her nursing skills, David got on the phone and started finding a place for Steve to stay (all the regular shelters were full). Steve made it through the night, and today he's doing great. That's just one example of the ways they have been the hands and feet of Jesus in their community.

Lauren graduated from UNC with honors in nursing; David graduated from the same fine institution with honors in English. Lauren will soon go to work at Duke University Hospital in the Labor and Delivery department. David has a good summer job lined up, and then he will start graduate school in the fall. He's going for a Master of Arts in Teaching. His immediate career goal is to teach English in public schools. His ultimate goal is to be a writer, and maybe even a college professor (maybe).

Am I proud of their accomplishments? You bet. But what I'm really proud of is who they are--their hearts ... their commitment ... their daily lives. Watching them is helping me learn what it means to BE THE CHURCH EVERYDAY.


  1. Love your new blog!!!
    Susan Reinhardt

  2. Tried to post that I love your new blog.
    Proud of those kids you have. Way to go, Preacher Papa!!!

    1. Thanks again Susan. Hey, everybody: Susan probably said "Tried to post ..." because when she entered her comment it didn't show up right away. Here's why: I'm moderating comments. Sorry I have to do that but I've learned that there are some unhappy people out there who love to leave inappropriate anonymous comments on blogs. It's not that I'm squelching free speech: Google Blogger is free, and anyone can start a blog and spew all the venom they want. But that's not going to happen here. So please, please don't shy away from leaving comments--especially nice ones like Susan's :)--just be aware I'm going to read them before they go up.