Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day, Part 1

This past Sunday was Father's Day. This year represented a first for me. It was the first time ever that on the same weekend, one of my kids traveled from somewhere else to see me, and I traveled to somewhere else to see my father. And in the place I traveled to to see my dad, I also saw my other kid.


David, as you know if you read this blog, is newly married. He's been in college for the past four years, but he's been home during the summers. So this was the first time he came home specifically to see me on Father's Day. But I wanted to go see my own dad, who lives in Greensboro. So on Sunday afternoon, Lauren and David spent the day with her dad, and I drove down the mountain to the city where I grew up. As a bonus, my daughter Mary came over and joined in the Father's Day feast prepared by my mom and my sister. Mary's in Greensboro attending summer school at UNCG (to get ahead, not because she's behind).

And then David and I hung out on Monday (my day off). In my honor, David suggested we engage in one of my favorite activities: hiking. We drove north on the Blue Ridge Parkway to the entrance to Mount Mitchell State Park, where we parked and did the hike to POTATO KNOB. The trail itself was as beautiful as the view at the end. Then it was on to the GREEN KNOB FIRE TOWER trail. It was fun to watch David's dog Ellie muster up her courage and climb the fire tower stairs by herself several times, each time climbing a little higher than the last. Finally, we drove further north on the Parkway and did the hike to CRABTREE FALLS. Gorgeous!  With the recent rains, the falls were beautiful and full.

Instead of driving home on the Parkway, we took Highway 80 to Burnsville. On the way we took in a breathtaking view of Mount Mitchell and the other Black Mountains. Man, I love living here!

Tomorrow I want to say a few things about the importance of fathers.

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