Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Clean Water for Guatemala

This week Covenant sends a well-drilling team to Guatemala. See below for a link to their blog.

It started almost on a lark.

I was looking for a sermon series for Advent. Almost by accident, I stumbled across something called THE ADVENT CONSPIRACY It was started by three young pastors and their churches who wanted to cut back the commercialism of Christmas and re-discover the real power of the holiday. Their slogan was "Christmas can still change the world." Their  watchwords were "Worship Fully; Spend Less; Give More; Love All."

I liked it. I decided to do the series, and to use the accompanying DVD study in Common Ground on Sunday mornings. The series and the study called for people to give one less gift and give the money saved to a special offering to meet the needs of others.  The Advent Conspiracy guys pointed to the importance of clean water as one of the biggest needs in poor countries. It's the first step to economic development. It also prevents thousands of deaths from water-born illness (especially among children).

After consulting with our Faith in Action Team (missions committee), I decided to follow the AC's suggestion. On Christmas Eve 2009 we received our first offering for LIVING WATER INTERNATIONAL I was praying for enough to build one complete well: $5000. Instead the people of Covenant gave $8000--enough to build a well and rehab another one.

The next year we decided to do it again. I was still hoping and praying for enough to build one complete well. Instead, the people of Covenant gave enough to build 7 wells: $35,000!

Also that year Carleton and Lisa Metcalf of Covenant decided on their own to be part of an LWI well-drilling team. Our involvement with and commitment to this mission was growing.

The next year--Christmas 2011--the people of Covenant gave almost $39,000. That's just under $82,000 in three years. All of this over and above people's regular tithes and offerings.

Please pray for our team members leaving this Saturday to drill a well and teach hygiene practices in Guatemala:

  • Kim Lachler 
  • Matt Maddox
  • Carleton Metcalf
  • Will Metcalf
  • Gary Mills
  • Carol Mills
  • Jim Sullivan
And follow their blog here:  

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