Thursday, July 19, 2012

Living Water Team Update

(Note: Scroll down for previous updates, and for background info on Living Water International.)

Our Living Water Team in Guatemala has a blog, and I bet that when they get back it's going to be full of interesting pictures and captivating reports. But for now, they don't have Internet access, so they're not able to update it.

Jim Sullivan, one of the team members, does have text messaging service. He's been sending me very brief updates by text and I've been passing these on to you here. (I imagine this service is not cheap--hence the "very brief" nature of the messages!)

Here's the update I received this morning:
Wednesday--well flushed and developed and sealed; flow rate expected at 90 gallons per minute; concrete pad built and first part of pump installed. 
Keep checking back here. If/when I get more updates, I'll post them. In the meantime, if you haven't already, scroll down and learn more about Living Water, and about how these wells are built.

ALSO: We have just received a report from a well that we sponsored in India. CLICK HERE to see it!

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