Friday, July 6, 2012

One Last Thought on Andy's Passing

Whatever happened to TV shows that were funny without being dirty?

"The Andy Griffith Show" was hilarious. Great writing. Great comic delivery. A talented ensemble cast with great chemistry.

And no sex, no innuendo, no characters "hooking up," no bathroom humor, no dirty jokes ...

Why can't we have a show like that today?

You may say, "Well there are shows like that on Disney Channel and Nickolodeon." And as a father who used to watch some of those shows with my kids, I will say that there was some pretty good stuff that was fairly innocent. But it wasn't as good as "The Andy Griffith Show." And it wasn't as innocent either. No sex, maybe, but plenty of bathroom humor, and the fashions reflected the over-sensualized sensibilities of our society. (And I think about how all those child stars like Hillary Duff, Zac Efron,  and Miley Cyrus made provocative music videos and movies and photo shoots as soon as they were old enough.)

I really enjoy some of the comedies on TV right now. One is "The Office," although it's not nearly as good since Steve Carrell left. (People have said I remind them of Michael Scott. I see their point.) Back in its heyday, we used to have a group of high school students at our house every Thursday night watching the latest episode. What a blast.

A very funny show. But so much immorality.

Same with "The Big Bang Theory." It's hilarious. In fact, we're using a clip from a "Big Bang" episode in church this Sunday to introduce my message on "Comfort." (Of course, there will be a disclaimer in the bulletin--"used for illustrative purposes only, does not imply endorsement.")

I love this show. (People have said I remind them of Sheldon. I see their point, too.) It has great writing, great comic delivery, a talented ensemble cast ... and way too much sex.

Why can't we have a show like "The Andy Griffith Show" today? Two reasons: 1- Our society would never accept it. It would be branded banal, boring, and naive; and 2- (The bigger reason) Today's writers are not creative, witty, or intelligent enough to write comedy without using bathroom humor and sex as punchlines.

Good thing we have DVDs.

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