Wednesday, August 8, 2012


If you've been reading this blog, you know all about Covenant Community's involvement with LIVING WATER INTERNATIONAL.

And you know that we've recently received reports from wells that we paid for in India and the Central African Republic.

And you know that we recently sent a team to build a well in Guatemala (and we paid for that well, too.)

I figured that would be about as far as last year's Christmas Eve offering would go. It was almost $40,000, but those wells in India and Africa are expensive. (Cost of a well in Central America: $5,000. In India, Asia, or Africa: $11,000 to $22,000, depending on factors like location and how far down you have to drill to get to the best water.)

Well, much to my surprise, we just got ANOTHER report about ANOTHER well that our offering has paid for in India. This one is in a village in the state of Andhra Pradesh. (Read the full report HERE.)  Here are some pics:

It's quite possible that you have saved these kids' lives. Lack of clean water kills more people than anything else in the world. Children are especially susceptible to death, because their young bodies can't handle the diarrhea and dehydration that come from water-borne illness.

And lest you think that we're only doing good works without naming the name of Jesus--know that these wells are opening doors for pastors and missionaries to share the gospel. Especially in India where Christians are a tiny, persecuted minority and missionaries are often unwelcome.

It's great to be part of a church that partners with God in mission to the world!

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