Saturday, August 25, 2012

From 40,000 to 2500!

The Sweet Potato Drop was amazing! Folks came from everywhere to box, bag, and basket those potatoes. There was a group from the Veteran's Restoration Quarters. St. Timothy's UMC in Brevard sent a team with pick-up trucks. There were volunteers from Manna food bank. And plenty of individual families, who were made aware of the opportunity by the Society of Saint Andrew.

By 8:15 pm last night, that 40,000-pound pile of sweet potatoes had been reduced to only 2500 pounds! Bill Winter, the Society of Saint Andrew director, actually had to call people and tell them not to come. 

Do you know what that means?

For one thing, it means that there are a lot of hungry people in our area. That's why the pile went so fast. In fact, the Food Research and Action Center recently reported that the Asheville metro area is the THIRD HUNGRIEST IN THE NATION. 

Another thing it means is that we at Covenant have an amazing opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus in meeting one of the most basic human needs. Everybody needs to eat. I believe that the more we at Covenant offer people physical bread, the more opportunities we'll have to offer people the Bread of Life.

In fact, I believe that God is calling us into a powerful, life-changing FOOD MINISTRY. In just a very short time, we've become known as a church that wants to feed the hungry. (See yesterday's post for more info on that.)

There is no reason why anybody in this country should go hungry. Did you know that we Americans THROW AWAY 40% OF OUR FOOD? That amounts to 20 pounds per month for every person in our country. And besides the scandal of wasting one of God's most precious resources, all that rotting food is destroying the environment.

The Society of Saint Andrew is one of several organizations that is working to get at least some of that food to people who need it. I am so, so proud that Covenant's become involved.

Yesterday's potato drop came upon us rather suddenly. We didn't have much chance to publicize it. And yet, look how successful it was. If you missed out, don't worry. We'll be doing another one on Faith in Action Sunday--this time with 100,000 pounds of potatoes!

More pics:

This load went to Higgins Memorial UMC in Burnsville. Note that it was POURING rain when I took this picture!

As of 11:00 Saturday morning, this is all that's left!

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