Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Weird Sunday

Today we were weird.

While lots of normal churchgoers were dressing up in skirts and coats and ties, we were donning old jeans, work gloves, and Covenant T-shirts. 

While they were slipping on dress shoes, we were lacing up work boots. 

While they were settling into their pews to hear a sermon, we were using our hands and feet to preach one. 

Before we got to work, we gathered to sing and pray. I shouted, "Don't GO to church," and you responded, "BE the church!" I pointed out that we were about to go out and do Good Things. Now it was up to the Holy Spirit to do "God Things" -- things we couldn't do -- personal connections, spiritual conversations, and divine "coincidences" that lead to further significant ministry.

Because of what we did today, needs are being met all over the world. Children in hungry nations will have food. Children in Africa will have shoes. Families in Fairview will have a clean community pantry. The homeless in Asheville will have a more attractive day shelter. People all over Western North Carolina will have fresh produce that might have rotted in the fields.  Men and women in the military will have personalized packages filled with some of the comforts of home. 

You made a difference today, around the world and around the corner. And if you're not sure why that matters, CLICK HERE, HERE, and HERE

Here are a few pictures I managed to snap as I visited the different projects. Please don't feel slighted if I didn't make it to yours -- at a couple of the ones I visited, I was roped in to help!

The Potato Drop: Boxing potatoes for distribution.

Artwork for the Military Gift Boxes.

 Personal notes of encouragement to those serving our country.

A "Stop Hunger Now" meal packing station. Visit to learn more.

Sealing a package of six dehydrated meals.
Rice for the meal packing stations.

Sole Hope: those old jeans will become closed-toe shoes for African children.
They'll prevent painful and life-threatening parasitic infections.
Visit and find out more.
Many thanks to everyone who participated ... to David Hinson who got up at 3 am to make those delicious sausage biscuits ... and to the Covenant Faith in Action Team and individual project leaders for putting it all together. 

And To God be the Glory. 

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