Thursday, September 13, 2012

Faith in Action Sunday 2012

We've come full circle. It was also September 30 when we did our first Faith in Action Sunday in 2007. We launched out with fear and trepidation: Will this work? Will anyone participate? Will we have enough projects? Or will we have too many projects? Will it hurt our finances? Will people get mad and leave?

FIA Sunday 2007 turned out to be a huge success. God showed up. Hearts were touched. The love of Jesus was physically demonstrated. And our lives were changed as we experienced the joy of serving.

We've done it every year since then. This year's FIA Sunday will be number six.

FAITH IN ACTION is a national program created by World Vision, International in partnership with Outreach magazine. It's slogan is "Don't GO to church ... BE the church." I love that! So much, in fact, that I stole it for the title of this blog.

New this year is a page on our website where you can review the projects for this year and actually e-mail the project leaders by clicking on their names. CLICK HERE to check it out.

Why do we do Faith in Action Sunday every year? Because it's weird. It interrupts the status quo. It forces us to look beyond ourselves. It engraves in the hearts in minds of every member of the Covenant family--even those who choose not to participate--that Covenant is 100% sold out to being the hands and feet of Jesus.

The ultimate objective of Faith in Action Sunday is that, by seeing the needs first-hand and experiencing the joy of serving, every last member of the Covenant family would commit to serving all year long. I admit that hasn't happened yet. But we're trying. And we'll get there.

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