Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stories from the Sweet Potato Drop

Last week I was out with a back injury. All week long I was either screaming in pain or spaced out on meds. Which meant I never got around to sharing some really cool stories from our SWEET POTATO DROP.  The following comes from Mary Anne Eldridge: 

Angie Parker

A very poignant story:  Angie Parker was very concerned  a few weeks ago because the Covenant Community garden didn't have produce for the people at Covenant the coming weekend. She woke up thinking how difficult it would be to tell her dear brothers and sisters that we had no food. She prayed to God and asked Him to bring food. The next day someone from a local food co-op called to say that they had 58 boxes of produce that she could have. Then came calls from the Society of Saint Andrew to glean in fields, just like in Bible times--followed by an opportunity for a 40,000 pound drop of sweet potatoes. Everything was arranged for this to happen. Praise God!
Paris Eldridge
A couple days before the drop Angie had a crazy dream that the day had arrived. In her dream, she saw hungry people lining the driveway waiting for the potatoes. Finally, two small pick-ups arrived with the food--a few sweet potatoes, some peppers,and a couple watermelons. Everyone was mad, her dad was yellling at her, chaos, chaos! And she woke up relieved to find that it was only a dream.
When the truck with the sweet potatoes of potatoes arrived on Friday morning, my husband Paris climbed up the truck to take a picture. And what was lying on top of the potatoes but a pepper, one llittle pepper! The potatoes were dropped, but we could not see the pepper anywhere. It was buried underneath. someone said, "It will get crushed!" And someone else said, "Not if it's God's pepper!"  Well, guess what! We found it buried in the pile later, and you guessed it: Not crushed, but whole. God left his calling card for Angie and all of Covenant to see!
Rowyn Lucas

Rowyn Lucas, son of Nettie and Kenny Brown, was at Fun Depot with his mother. She was telling him about the potato drop they would be going to later. She told him that people would be coming to get potatoes for people who were hungry. 4 year old Rowyn said that he wanted to go to Covenant and pray over the potatoes. And he did!
A couple and their daughter came from Knoxville to pick up some potatoes. They were here because the guy's mother is in hospice and dying unexpectedly. We prayed with him .
Tom Baldwin baked sweet potatoes and took them to Asheville for the homeless to eat.
A  sheriff''s deputy came by to see what was going on and we were able to witness to him. He seemed eager to hear and he said to tell everyone the word was out that good things were happening "on the hill."
Guys from the Veterans Shelter came to help box potatoes for the hungry. They were also witnessed to and several of them want to come to church.
Tom Baldwin
When Tom Baldwin was getting boxes for the potatoes, a lady and her child asked him in the parking lot if he knew where they could get food. Of course, Tom told her about the potatoes. When he took her potatoes yesterday, she had baked a dessert and sent it back to the church to say Thank you!
We also had an opportunity to witness to several others.
By 8:15 p.m. on Friday, most of the potatoes had been picked up and only about 2500 pounds remained to be given out. Bill Walker (Society of Saint Andrew rep) had to call a couple people and tell them we would not have enough potatoes for them.  Can you believe that we had 40,000 pounds of potatoes to give away and that was not enough? So many hungry people waiting for food!

Mary Anne Eldridge

This is me, Claude, again: Did you notice in those stories that meeting people's physical needs is opening doors for us to meet their spiritual needs? I truly believe that this is how we're going to reach people for Christ in the 21st Century! 

And did you notice how all these opportunities to feed people just sort of "appeared" all of a sudden? I believe that God is calling us, Covenant Community, into some kind of food ministry, in which we demonstrate God's love and open doors for the Gospel by feeding the hungry. 

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