Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Weird" Teachings of Jesus

 Right now at Covenant, we're in a series called Weird (Because Normal isn't Working). In Sunday's message, I compared some of the Beatitudes (the "Blessed are" statements) and other teachings from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount with the "normal" wisdom of our world.

This morning someone told me that they found that part of the message very helpful.  So I thought I'd post it here for anyone who didn't hear it, or for anyone who might want to hear it again:

You follow Jesus up on a mountainside. Jesus sits down, which is the posture for teachers in that day. You sit down with the others to listen. 

And in so many words, Jesus basically says,“If you’re gonna be in my kingdom you can kiss normal goodbye!”

Normal says, “Nice guys finish last”
          But in my kingdom, the meek will inherit the earth

Normal says, “People who are confident and self-assured get ahead”
          But in my kingdom, it’s the poor in spirit who come out on top

Normal says, “The purpose of life is to be happy”
          But in my kingdom, people who mourn are blessed

Normal says, “You have to get people to like you!”
          But in my kingdom, you’re blessed when people persecute you   

Normal says, “Adultery is really bad”
          But in my kingdom, looking at somebody lustfully is just as bad

Normal says, “Murder is really, really bad”
          But in my kingdom, calling somebody a fool is just as bad

Normal says, “Divorce is always an option”
          But in my kingdom, marriage is a permanent union, and divorce is a
          last resort in extreme cases

Normal says, “If somebody hits you, hit ‘em back”
          But in my kingdom,
                   We turn the other cheek
                   We love our enemies
                   We pray for the very people who make our lives miserable!

Throughout this sermon, this Sermon on the Mount, Jesus basically says, “Look, if you’re gonna hang with me, you’re gonna be weird.” 

The Sermon on the Mount is one of the most powerful sections of Scripture. In this sermon, Jesus calls us to a lifestyle that reflects the unconditional love and the pure holiness of God. I encourage you to sit down and read it sometime this week. It's found in MATTHEW 5-7.

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