Saturday, November 3, 2012

Yes, Christmas Can Still Change the World!

I love the Advent Conspiracy!

The movement started in 2006 when three young pastors asked this question:

Can Christmas (still) change the world? 

Six years later, the answer is a resounding YES. Churches all over the world have embraced the idea of an upside-down Christmas. Millions of dollars have been released from holiday excess and mindless consumerism, and redirected to meeting people's real needs--physical and spiritual--in the name of Jesus. Countless lives are being changed, both in the here and now, and for all eternity.

Today I saw a video on the Living Water website that blew me away. It features a pastor in India telling what it's like to share the Gospel in a place where people are overtly, violently hostile towards Christians and Christianity. The pastor relates powerful stories of miraculous healings. You can actually see some of the people who were healed in the video! 

He goes on to tell that despite these signs and wonders, he still encountered fierce opposition to the Gospel, until something happened that changed the face of his ministry. 

So what was it that happened? CLICK HERE and watch the video to find out...

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