Thursday, April 25, 2013

More on Sabbath

From Rocky Point on Ferguson Knob, looking west toward Mt. Pisgah

Following up on yesterday's post about Sabbath: 

Sometimes when I talk about my Monday Sabbath, people say, "What about us normal people? Must be nice being a pastor... I wish I could have Mondays off from work!" 

And I have two replies: 

1- Yes, it's true that as a pastor I have a flexible schedule.  Full, but flexible. And yes, being able to set aside a weekday as Sabbath is a benefit that many people don't have. But there are trade-offs. A flexible schedule is nice, but many's the time I've envied people whose schedule is structured and predictable-- people who know where they will be when--who know that when they leave work and go home they're done for the day. Every job has upsides and downsides. Not complaining, just sayin'...

2- Go back to something I said yesterday: Each of us is responsible to find time to STOP and rest, refresh, restore, and renew. It has to be done. It's not just a commandment for pastors -- it's for every one of God's people. In fact, it's one of God's Top Ten! You wouldn't say, "Hey, it's OK for me to steal because I'm so busy" or, "I can't help committing adultery, my job demands it." 

Find a way to keep the Sabbath. If you don't have to work on Sunday, then don't. Let that day be an oasis of spiritual peace in your week. It's not a rules-based religious duty. It's a gift from God.

If you do have to work on Sunday, then find another day. Or two half-days. Set the time aside. 

You need it. 

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