Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Best Business Trip Ever!

So, how did I get to go to Hawai'i?

It was a business trip. Sort of.

My wife Lorie is a grant writer and strategic planner for public health centers.  And she has a client in Hawai'i!

So, since Lorie was going... we decided it was a good time for the rest of us to go as well. Me, our son David and daughter-in-law Lauren, and our daughter Mary.

Oh, and Lorie's mom, Marty Carlisle (she's not in the picture above, because she took it.)

A few of my favorite pics, all taken by Lorie:

Mauna Kea Beach

A point on the northern end of the Island of Hawai'i

Entrance to Waipio Valley

The back of Waipio Valley.
Notice that one of the twin waterfalls has been stopped up by a community at the top of the valley. 

And here's the whole gang -- including Lorie's mom -- in Waipio Valley:

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