Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Well, maybe I spoke too soon. I woke up today (Wednesday) feeling sick again. Not nearly as bad as Monday -- much less nausea-- but still…if I was at home, I probably wouldn't go in to work. Today it's more of a fever, sort of like flu. I guess I overdid it yesterday and last night. Wish I could go to a doctor and find out what this is and what to do about it! But I am taking every precaution I know to take, AND I am trusting God to heal and get me through. Classes went well again yesterday. I so appreciate everyone's prayers. I hope this does not become a recurring theme. And maybe I'm just tired (I am 51 years old, after all). So perhaps for the next several days, I'll put a focus on getting some rest when I'm not in class. Talk to you again soon!

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